The Lives We Impact

​​​​​At Mozambique Renewables we aim to address a number of important issues in Africa through the development of a renewable biomass fuel for cooking, heating, and power generation. The African continent has millions of tonnes of crop residues and giant grasses that literally go up in smoke every year.  This ‘waste’ can be transformed into a valuable sustainable non-woody biomass fuel to make energy.

Torrefaction technology will allow the crop residues and waste to be converted to energy pellets with similar properties to charcoal but without the undesirable CO2 emissions. This will significantly reduce the pressure on Africa's precious forests and make a contribution towards international CO2 reduction targets.

100 tonnes of compacted elephant grass co-fired displaces 55.9 T of coal saving 148 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions. This represents a 94% saving in emissions compared to coal generation of electricity.

​​The project is based in Micolene Village around 35 km from the port of Nacala. The main beneficiary of our project are the 3000 villagers living in Micolene. The average household income here is less than $1 a day. There is no electricity and clean water has to be carried in from 10km away. All cooking is done with charcoal made from the local trees. Our out-grower programme will provide:

  • Income generation for over 600 families
  • Torrefied pellets to replace charcoal as a fuel source for cooking
  • Empowerment of women through jobs and direct payments
  • Biomass powered electricity mini-grid